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Today in “Headlines we don’t need to edit”

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Sky Original drama Chernobyl is based on a terrifying true story – here’s what really happened

History. A subject The Sun thinks we are unfamiliar with, and what this headline will surely go down in.

Harry and Meghan pay tribute to Diana asnd her work with Aids sufferers as they declare ‘love is love’ and use their Instagram account to ‘shine a light’ on LGBTQ+ community with series of photos  

C’mon, Daily Mail. American spelling is one thing, but…

How to wash your hands properly

Thank Goodness for The Guardian. If it hadn’t been for this article, I would still have been cleaning my hands with elephant dung. Turns out soap and water is the way to go.

The Daily Mail has been a gold mine today

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Revealed: Woman who broke wrist in a Prince Philip car crash then slammed decision not to prosecute him is herself facing motoring charges for ‘speeding then failing to name driver’

Isn’t it an outrage that someone facing justice for breaking the law demands that the same applies to other law breakers?

‘Just get out there and jail the lot of them’: Fury of commuters and businesses’ as eco-warriors cause a third day of chaos in protests that have cost London £12million (and there’s STILL a pink boat in the middle of Oxford Circus)

Businesses have spent BILLIONS trying to hide the truth about Climate Change; but now they’re annoyed that people trying to save the planet are costing them money

Half an hour from COLLAPSE: Firefighters saved Notre Dame with moments to spare reveals minister – but blaze still took its toll on priceless artifacts after crews failed to find the fire for 23 minutes after first smoke alarm sounded

Confusion as Daily Mail seriously underestimates the size of Notre Dame – 23 minutes is pretty damn quick

Is Meghan writing Charles’ letters too? Royal watchers say American spellings in Prince’s letter to President Macron after the Notre Dame fire are not ‘appropriate for future British King’

Daily Mail: Let’s moan about the use of “American spelling” even though WE used the American spelling of the word “artefacts” in another headline on the same day!

Meghan ‘wants an American nanny to take care of Baby Sussex – and may even hire a MALE one ‘

SARAH VINE: Oh baby, Meghan’s got a lot to learn when it comes to the unexpected complications childbirth can bring

Could YOU be the Queen’s new gardener? Royal family is seeking a green-fingered staff member for £69-a-day – but the successful applicant gets to LIVE at Buckingham Palace

No, we’re totally not obsessed with the Royal family! Also, being a nanny is a woman’s work.

Today in “Headlines we don’t need to edit”

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Anger as sex toys sold next to kids’ shampoo in Dundee Poundland

Above: This article in the Dundee Evening Telegraph is Head and Shoulders above anything else we can find.

US fire chief explains why Notre Dame blaze could not be controlled any quicker – as French firefighters reveal Trump’s plan to dump water from the air would have DESTROYED the building

Above: Daily Mail reports that Donald Trump displays his usual level of compassionate understanding.

Dad sparks backlash after moaning about not getting enough attention from hospital staff as wife gave birth

Above: I literally need to do nothing with this Daily Record article. Read it.